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Persian Miniatures are one of the most complicated paintings in the world. Miniature paintings are very detailed.
Imagine how could value the design of your office or house with this piece of work.

*Oil Painting
*14 in x 11 in
*Type of oil color Winsor

Painted by Rebecca Art Gallery


***A Digital Copy version of "Persian Girl and Hookah (Persian Miniature)" officially has been sold to an American series called "CHAD".

Joubin Productions [JP]®️🇺🇸

*Our dear customers need to know that 99% of our products are Handmade and there is "No Second Version" in the market available to purchase; unless we officially notify in our shop Joubin Productions [JP]®️🇺🇸.

*All our items are very carefully packed.

*Please make sure your shipping address is correct to the USPS®. If your shipping address is incorrect, your package will be delayed. We will ship to the address you provide in your order.

*All our products are final sale and cannot be returned.

Lost or Stolen Packages:
Joubin Productions [JP]®️🇺🇸 is not responsible for lost or stolen packages confirmed to be delivered to the address entered for an order. Upon inquiry, Joubin Productions [JP]®️🇺🇸 will confirm delivery to the address provided, date of delivery, tracking information, and shipping carrier information for the customer to investigate.

Joubin Productions [JP]®️🇺🇸

Persian Girl and Hookah (Persian Miniature)

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