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The Survival Butterfly has a very sad and complicated story behind. Sara was a beautiful girl who had many lovers in her life that they were fighting with each other for her. One night, one of those lovers find out that Sara is a butterfly that makes herself a human. The guy called all Sara's lovers and told them what he knows about her. Finally, the lovers decided to kill her, but she was already gone and freed herself.

*Oil Painting
*24 in x 36 in
*Type of oil color Winsor

Painted by Rebecca Art Gallery

Joubin Productions [JP]®️🇺🇸

*Our dear customers need to know that 99% of our products are Handmade and there is "No Second Version" in the market available to purchase; unless we officially notify in our shop Joubin Productions [JP]®️🇺🇸.

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Joubin Productions [JP]®️🇺🇸

The Survival Butterfly (Original)

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